Antek Sulfur and Nitrogen Analysis

Description of Process: The Antek provides the determination of total nitrogen and total sulfur in organic materials, both solids and liquids at trace levels.

Sample material is combusted in combination with oxygen, converting chemically bound nitrogen to NO and sulfur to SO2. The combustion gases are routed through a membrane drying system to remove all water and then to the detector modules for quantification.

Nitrogen is detected by way of Chemiluminescence and Sulfur by Ultraviolet Fluorescence.

Limit of Detection: < 10 ppm,
Relative Standard Deviation: 10%.

The Machine We Have: Antek 9000NS with boat drive.

The Elements We Currently Process: Nitrogen and Sulfur

Antek Analysis Price List Single For additional run
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Sample size
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Antek Nitrogen $66.00 $36.00 20-40 mg
0.5-1 mL
Antek Sulfur $76.00 $42.00 20-40 mg
0.5-1 mL
Antek Nitrogen Sulfur Analyzer