ICP Analysis, ICP-AES

ICP Analysis, performed by ICP-AES, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy.

Micro-Analysis, Inc. has accumulated a great deal of experience providing ICP Analysis services for our clients.

ICP Analysis provides quantitative determination of metals present in a range of materials from organic compounds to metal alloys. Over 65 different metals can be detected down to less than 1 ppm to percent content.

An ICP scan is helpful in addressing concerns with unknown metal contamination and material identification. This semi-quantitative/qualitative analysis scans for the presence of 68 metals. Please see the list of visible elements by ICP-AES below.

CHN Analysis Laboratory

The elements below are routinely analyzed by ICP:
Ag, Al, As, Au, B, Ba, Be, Ca, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Fe, Ga, Ge, Hf, Hg, Ho, In, Ir, K, La, Li, Lu, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Nb, Nd, Ni, Os, P, Pb, Pd, Pr, Pt, Rb, Re, Rh, Ru, S, Sb, Sc, Se, Si, Sm, Sn, Sr, Ta, Tc, Te, Th, Ti, Tl, Tm, V, U, W, Y, Yb, Zn, Zr.
Aluminium Iron Sodium
Antimony Lead Sulfur in Oils
Arsenic Lithium Strontium
Barium Magnesium Thallium
Berillium Manganese Tin
Bismuth Mercury Titanium
Boron Molybdenum Tungsten
Cadmium Nickel Vanadium
Calcium Potassium Rear Metals
Chromium Phosphorus Zirconium
Cobalt Scardium Zinc
Copper Silicon  
Gold Silver  

ICP Analyses Requirements and Prices
ICP Analysis per element: $80.00 minimum lab charge.
Multiple elements requested and/or multiple samples submitted may receive discounted pricing.
ICP Scan (semi-quantitative/qualitative): $200.00 minimum lab charge.
Sample Size: 1 - 5 grams
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