Elemental Analysis Pioneers, Micro Analysis Founders

Dr. Fritz Pregl (Friderik Pregl)

We wish to pay tribute to Dr Fritz Pregl who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1923 for making significant contributions to quantitative organic micro-analysis.

One of Dr. Pregl's main contributions was the improvement of the combustion train technique for elemental analysis.

Over the years there have been significant improvements in the technology surrounding the combustion train technology and vastly improved detection levels. Yet,Dr Pregl's core methodology has held up to the test of time for the benefit of mankind.

Elemental Analysis Pioneer Dr. Fritz Pregl

David Plank

Micro Analysis was founded in 1960 by I. David Plank ( 1923-2003 )

In 1947, David Plank was a graduate with a B/S in Chemistry from Gettysburg College and received a M/S in Chemistry from Penn State in 1949.He joined the Dupont Company after receiving his master degree and worked there up until he founded Micro-Analysis to start the forth elemental laboratory of the United States.

Over the years this laboratory provided analytical results for some the newest synthetic fibers, the heat shield of the Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini space capsules, and numerous pharmaceutical compounds.

David insisted on high standards of accuracy,prompt results,and good customer relations. David and his team helped to make the world a better place in the post war era.

He was raised a small town boy in idyllic Gettysburg,PA in a highly intelligent and athletic family. His uncle, Eddie Plank was a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Philadlephia Athletics.

David had a rich sense of humor and loved to kid. Most of all he was a devoted husband to his wife "Peg" and father of three highly accomplished adult children in their own right. We still miss his wise council and sunny personality.