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Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis

determines the amount, typically weight by percent, of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen contained in a compound. It's a branch of Elemental Analysis. A sample is burned in an excess of oxygen, followed by a battery of various traps collecting products of the combustion, such as the most common, CO2, H2O, and NO. When fully collected, the masses of all combustion products are used to calculate the composition of the sample.

Combustion Analysis is one of the most frequently used elemental analysis today. Why?

If done properly, Combustion Analysis provides a quick and inexpensive method to check sample purity and to determine the empirical formula of new carbon compounds.

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Quick Info: Combustion Analysis

As you might know, the composition of a compound is frequently expressed in terms of the percent by weight of each element contained in it. Combustion Analysis is reliable and useful method to determine the empirical formula of a compound. The empirical formula for a compound is a calculation of the elemental composition by mass. Combustion Analysis used widely for research on organic compounds containing carbon to carbon bonds.

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